A night with the Ohio University Police Department

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Officer Zack Hahn stopped his cruiser on the side of the road to watch a tipsy resident wobble across Athens’ west side.
It was “Bar:30”on the Friday night shift, as Hahn liked to call it, and bargoers were beginning their long stagger home.
“People like that sometimes are worth keeping an eye on,” he said. “(You have to) make sure they’re walking with a purpose.”
During the first three hours of Hanh’s shift, most of the calls from Ohio University included cases of public intoxication, which he maintained was fairly typical.
“It’s definitely a quiet night, that’s for sure,” he added.
Those kind of “quiet nights” are becoming more and more common for the Ohio University Police Department.
Since 2013, the number of alcohol related incidents fielded by OUPD has decreased by 30 percent, hitting a five year low, according to an analysis of police records.

For the full story, go to ouparties.weebly.com


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