Trump protester brings Mexican flag to rally


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Abraham Castro stood in a sea of Donald Trump supporters and held up the Mexican flag.

“I’m bringing it out here to support equality and lessen down the toughness that Trump has on illegal immigrants,” Castro said, holding his flag while people gave him sideways stares and held up Trump posters behind his back.

Castro, a Calhoun Community College student studying aerospace engineering, made the trek to Madison City Schools Stadium Sunday to make a statement: that not all Mexican residents are illegal.

Long time best friend Luke Dorminey, a Calhoun student studying business, stood next to his friend holding the American flag.

“This is his flag. This is my flag, this is my country, and we are both the same equality and we are both the same. We shouldn’t be looked at any differently,” Dorminey said. “He’s a legal citizen, I’m a legal citizen.”

The friends attended the presidential candidate’s rally in Huntsville, Ala. Sunday in hopes to push that point home — but that point was not always well received by other rally-goers.

“One guy said, ‘We’re going to make you pay for that wall,” Dorminey said.

“And then I shook my flag at him and he said, ‘Ten feet higher, you’re going to build it now,” Castro added.



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