Police Blotter: Combative elderly man eludes sheriff’s deputies

Emily Bohatch | News Editor
It isn’t atypical to find a young college student in cuffs on the weekend, but it isn’t every day that the Athens County Sheriff’s Office heads to a nursing home from a call of a combative elderly male.
By the time sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene Tuesday, the man had fled the scene in his electric wheelchair after catching wind of the deputies, according to a sheriff’s office report.
Nursing home administrators said the man claimed that he was missing money and proceeded to throw his belongings around the room.
Deputies found the man later and took him to the hospital to make sure he was OK.
Later that same day, sheriff’s office deputies were called to sort out a debate on the ownership of a cat.

A female called the sheriff’s office Tuesday to report that she was being harassed by another individual about the cat. Deputies advised the caller that the ownership of said cat was a civil matter and would have to be settled in court, according to reports.
While solving a dispute about a cat seemed fairly easy for Athens County Sheriff’s deputies, dogs were a whole other story.
On Friday, sheriff’s office deputies headed to The Plains to solve a dispute about a “heated verbal argument regarding a dog.” While the conflict was largely verbal in nature, there were allegations of threats with weapons, according to reports, though the reports of threats could not be verified.
The Ohio University Police Department, on the other hand, saw a fairly typical weekend, reining in eight marijuana related calls, according to OUPD reports.
On Jan. 20, OUPD officers headed to Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium after receiving a call of an injured person, according to OUPD reports.
The male was bleeding from his knee and his head in the lobby of the auditorium. According to the report, the male had bloodshot eyes, smelled of liquor and was quite confused. He had trouble telling officers where he was and where he lived.
Athens County EMS personnel decided the man needed to be transferred to OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital.
At that point, OUPD officers thought their job was done.
Later that day, officers received a call from O’Bleness informing them that same male was being loud and disruptive and needed to be removed from the hospital, according to reports.
OUPD officers headed to the hospital and collected the male, transporting him to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.


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