Best of Blotter: Crimes of the 2015 Fall Semester

Mill Fest March 14 Athens, Ohio

Athens law enforcement officers aren’t strangers to the weird or the bizarre in their day-to-day activities.

From calls of petty name calling to a drunken and disorderly Harry Potter, reports from the Ohio University Police Department and the Athens County Sheriff’s Office often contain surprising info.

Here are 10 exemplary odd reports from the 2015 Fall Semester:

Sticks and Stones

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call Aug. 25 complaining of a brother and sister calling each other names during an argument.

Officers explained to the siblings that name calling is not against the law and that the deputies could do nothing to help the situation.

Caught by the RA

For students sneaking back to the dorms drunk, the last person they usually want to run into is a Resident Assistant.

An OU student was found passed out in his RA’s room Sept. 17 with a puddle of urine near the door in Wilson Hall.

The student was fast asleep on the futon when OUPD arrived and asked the male’s roommate to retrieve a pair of pants for him.

You’re not a wizard, Harry

OUPD arrested a male student dressed as Harry Potter Nov. 15 for disorderly conduct.

The student was trying to climb a fence inside Peden Stadium. Perhaps he should have tried levi-O-sa instead of levio-SA.

Unleash the cannons

On Oct. 23, the sheriff’s office received a report of a missing cannon.

The cannon had been stored in a barn on Fullview Heights Drive in Athens and was never found.

What sign?

It’s not easy to pull one over on OUPD officers, but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

On Oct. 18, OUPD officers spotted a group of students carrying a sign from Transportation and Parking Services.

When the officers made contact with the group, the student holding the sign tried to put it down without being noticed.

It was determined that the student had been drinking at The Crystal, which is a  local bar.

Double trouble

One of the few things worse than receiving one charge of underage consumption is receiving two in the same week.

On Oct. 29, OUPD charged a female student with underage consumption after finding her screaming profane words at another student and telling him to go away.

The next night, officers saw the same female vomiting in front of Glidden Hall and subsequently charged her again.

It’s a bug’s life

With opening weekend comes Bobcat shenanigans.

OUPD found an unconscious male Aug 24. passed out with an empty Redd’s Apple Ale bottle in the bushes outside of the Grover Center.

The student had bugs crawling all over his body.

Dissent of the system

The Athens City Building, 8 E. Washington St., is a good place to go if someone needs to pay a utility bill or wants to have a chat with Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl. It’s not the best place to use the restroom.

On Oct. 9, OUPD found a male urinating on the city buildingThe male was charged with disorderly conduct for public urination.

Cardboard Cuddles

After a long night out, nothing compares to a good cuddle, whether it be with one’s significant other or with a cold, cardboard box.

An intoxicated male approached OUPD officers on Sept. 27, hugging a pizza box and having trouble walking on his own.

The male lost his balance after being questioned by an officer and began to crawl. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

You can hide, but you can’t run

A male student was found lying face down on the sidewalk at the corner of College Street and Union Street.

When OUPD officers approached the male, he attempted to get up and run away.

The male was soon apprehended outside of the Schoonover Center and arrested for underage consumption.



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