OU student sues Chi Omega after severing Achilles tendon in accident

An Ohio University student filed a civil complaint against Chi Omega and its OU-based Tau Alpha chapter after accidentally severing her Achilles tendon in an automatic door, according to Athens County Common Pleas Court documents.

Delaney Stengel filed the claim against the sorority Aug. 17, nearly nine months after the incident.

In late November, Stengel was placing her luggage on the porch of the Chi Omega sorority house, 10 S. College St., when the automatic door swung shut, according to Stengel’s complaint.

According to court documents, Stengel’s leg was caught between the door and the frame when “the metal covering … completely severed Delaney Stengel’s Achille’s tendon of her left leg.”

As a result of being struck by the “razor-sharp” door, Stengel experienced substantial amounts of pain and large medical expenses, court documents said.

Stengel’s complaint claimed she “is entitled to recover any damages,” including compensation for medical bills and costs associated with the trial.

Common Pleas Judge Pat Lang is presiding over the case.




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