OIU arrests 117 individuals at Number Fest

Mill Fest March 14 Athens, Ohio
Mill Fest
March 14
Athens, Ohio

Emily Bohatch | Asst. Local Editor

Though many festers might have caught buses or hitchhiked their way back to Ohio University’s campus after 13Fest, others were brought back in police cars.

The Ohio Investigative Unit arrested 117 individuals at the out-of-town fest on 159 charges, OIU Agent in Charge Sam Love said.

Those numbers are up after last year’s 12Fest, when law enforcement agencies only made 85 arrests on 124 charges, according to a previous Post report.

Most charges at this year’s Number Fest were either alcohol or drug related, including underage drinking, drug abuse, marijuana abuse and disorderly conduct by intoxication, Love said.

He added other charges included failure to disclose personal information, possession of a fake I.D., obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

Love said three individuals were removed from the premises; one was transported to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail, and two were sent to the Athens County Sheriff’s Office’s holding cells.




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