Athens County Sheriff’s Office receives call for suspicious vacuum salesman, stolen clothes

Though it might seem like the age of the door-to-door vacuum salesperson has passed, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a suspicious man selling the household cleaning appliance Thursday evening on Dickinson Road.

The woman requested extra patrol in the area on the chance that the male suspect was not actually a vacuum salesman. After some time monitoring the area, deputies were unable to make contact with the suspect.

On Sunday afternoon, the sheriff’s office received a call from an Albany man seeking to take his clothes back from his girlfriend.

Deputies advised him that it was up to him to get his own clothes back and that officers would not get involved without a court order.

The man went on to tell the deputies that when he grabbed the back of his girlfriend’s car, she drove off and dragged him down the road.

When deputies asked him why he would grab ahold of a moving car, the man said he was bent on retrieving his clothes, which were in the trunk of her car.

Deputies informed the parties involved that no charges would be filed.

However, the Ohio University Police Department officers saw a decidedly sleepier week.

OUPD officers received a call Saturday night regarding a fight, only to find a passed-out and allegedly intoxicated student when they arrived to Weld House on South Green.

The student was passed out on a third-floor couch, according to a police report. Once the male woke, he was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and transported to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail to sober up.

In accordance with weekend Palmer Fest festivities, OUPD observed a man spinning in circles with a baseball bat on his head on Saturday, according to a police report.

The man was bleeding around his mouth and was having trouble standing. When officers talked to the man to check on his well being, they noticed he appeared intoxicated and transported the man to SEORJ on charges of underage consumption-intoxication.

Over the weekend, OUPD arrested 32 individuals on 41 charges.

Police arrested 14 individuals on alcohol-related charges and eight individuals for public urination.

OUPD also responded to a report of a male exposing his genitalia to traffic on Oxbow Trail. The male was arrested, charged with public indecency and transported to SEORJ.

Additionally, OUPD officers are still investigating a report of a tree branch being thrown through a window of a Seigfred Hall workshop between Friday and Saturday.

The window was estimated to cost about $100. OUPD has no suspects at this time.



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