The 911 calls (Union Street fire)

Union Street Fire Nov. 16 Athens, Ohio
Union Street Fire
Nov. 16
Athens, Ohio

The following are transcripts of the 911 calls made on the night of the Union Street fire.

4:06 a.m.

Caller: “Hi, there’s, like, a fire spewing out of this room in the alleyway by Chipotle on Court Street.”

Operator: “OK, it’s coming from a building?”

Caller: “It’s coming from, like, a closet area. It’s, like, back in an alley. It’s just, like, there’s just a fire. There’s smoke everywhere. There’s fire spewing out of that.”

Operator: “And it’s in the alley right beside the Chipotle?”

Caller: “Yeah, the alleyway by the Chipotle that connects to Court Street and Congress.”

Operator: “Is it, like, kind of behind where Chipotle is?”

Caller: “Yeah.”

Operator: “OK … OK we’ll go ahead and get the fire department headed out there.”

Caller: “OK, do you want me to stay or … what … what should I do?”

Operator: “Just stay away from it. If you want to stay in the area that way you can make sure they can find it, OK?”

Caller: “Yeah, I can let them know where it is. It’s just that there’s smoke building up quite a bit so …”

Operator: “OK, we’ll send them right down.”


4:10 a.m.

Caller: “Um, my apartment is full of smoke.”

Operator: “OK, where are you?”

Caller: “16 ½ West Union

near the alley next to Chipotle.”

Operator: “In the alley next to Chipotle? The fire department’s on their way, OK? Just get everyone out of the building.”

Caller: “OK, uh, we … we can’t get the … the stores are full of smoke. We’re out on the roof.”


4:10 a.m.

Caller: “Hi, yes, um, I live at … actually 14 ½ W. Union St., it’s an apartment. I think our generator on the backside caught on fire and our entire apartment is filled with smoke right now, so, um, we need the fire department.”

Operator: “Is that near Chipotle?”

Caller: “It’s actually across the street from B-Dubbs.”

Operator: “14 ½ W. Union St. and it’s in the —”

Caller: “— yes. Uh, yeah, our entire apartment is filled with smoke.”

Operator: “OK, go ahead and get everyone out.”

Caller: “Yeah, we have everyone out right now. But I’m pretty sure the back side is on fire right now.”

Operator: “OK, we’ve got the fire department out right now.”

Caller: “Awesome, I appreciate it, thank you.”


4:11 a.m.

Operator: “OK, the fire department’s almost there. Just stay where you are.”

Caller: “OK, my friend said the alley’s on fire.”

Operator: “Right, just stay where you are.”


4:16 a.m.

Caller: “Hi, we need help, like, right now. We’re getting smoked off the roof.”

Operator: “OK, sir, we’ve got the fire department on scene.”

Caller: “No one’s … no one’s in our apartment. We’re running out of air.”

Operator: “Which apartment are you in?”

Caller: “15 ½. We’re on the roof by Union Street, but no one’s here. Above Kismet. We need help now.”

— Emily Bohatch compiled this report


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