From the Local Desk: Mill Fest

Mill Fest March 14 Athens, Ohio
Mill Fest
March 14
Athens, Ohio

To an outsider wandering down Mill Street on Saturday, the muddy chaos, crowded streets and overflowing porches might have seemed bewildering, but for an average OU student, it’s just another fest season.

For the first time this year, festers took to the street to drink and party the day away.

From a sign reading “no diving” next to a large puddle, to a soap-covered slip-n-slide in front of 140 Mill, students were in rare form this weekend.

Luckily, Mill Fest saw few injuries — one of which being a 60-year-old resident getting hit in the head by a flying cell phone and needing stitches.

Festers cheered as the mounted police arrived on the scene around three, and drunken students rushed to pet the police horses.

While reporting on scene, Local Staff reporters saw mud wrestlers, three-story beer bongs and tons of undercover cops. Students poured beer from porches into the mouths of fellow Bobcats on the ground. An occasional partygoer would try and catch the hand of a city official and dance with them.

Parties knew their fate when police began to multiply, arms crossed, on the street. Officers would sweep, from floor to floor, apartment buildings clearing out parties for public indecency, underage drinking or trash violations.

Here at Local Staff, we decided to share some of our favorite and most bizarre quotes we heard while reporting Mill Fest this weekend:

“There is a midget riding a donkey down the street. I swear to god. It’s insane”

“All Bobcats go to all fests … if you aren’t going to all fests you’re not a true Bobcat, regardless of age.”

“I watched a guy hand a cop a beer … he got arrested.”

Thanks to all the people who pulled us aside and insisted they write their names in our notebooks and to those who let us interview them while festing.

Stay safe, Bobcats, and in the words of OUPD’s Facebook account, “Thanks to everyone who was smart, civil and safe at #MillFest2015. And if you missed one of those, your Court date is probably Monday.”

Emily Bohatch is a freshman studying journalism. Email her at or find her on Twitter at @emilybohatch.


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